Made in Finland

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March 2014

Publication collections in New York magazine "Visual Artistry"

photographer - Luiza Lehtinen


designer - Natali Varpio


make-up artist - Natalja Mountian


model - Hannah Rinne



Collection "Dorida"

New Collection Natali Varpio - “Dorida” done in the style of pret-a-porter. Includes seven sets of clothes. When creating a collection, the designer was inspired by the clean and cold Baltic Sea. This combination of white and royal blue is a classic for all times, which may sound in another context, not the sea, but rather – being part of the business.

The main motive for the collection was a combination of elegance and everyday life, strict lines and minimalist, gloss and colour of pithiness.

Each outfit is made by hand. Second such not to find!

Main model of the collection, the coat was formed in concise silhouettes, with white piping along the reliefs that visually slim figure. And in addition to the elegant dress, suitable both for work and for an evening out.

Jacket, blouse, breeches - all essential, basic things a woman's wardrobe, but even they can tune the new, you only make them your item.

"Dorida" is not only hard, shoulder cuts, but also a soft sweater with sleeves "bat" flowing smoothly with the shoulders.

Designer «NV» creates the clothes she wants to wear herself. Costumes are made exclusively in Finland.

If you want every day to look refined, elegant, with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism, then this collection is for you!

Collection "Toscana"

This time designer Natali Varpio was inspired by the Toscana, a small region of Italy, heat, light, easy! The collection pictures us how the life in this region is seen by Natali. As "special effects" she uses textured fabric, tucks and unusual cuts. Varpios clothes do not wrinkle or go out of fashion and you don’t get bored wearing it. She does not go after trends, rather it is a collection of timeless combination of elegance and intelligence, for a wide range of bright interesting women.

Fhotographer - Luiza Lehtinen choose as the location the 1748 founded fortressisland of Suomenlinna, which is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites since 1991. Natural light, wind, historic walls made by hand in the 17th and lot’s of fresh green colours from gardens.

Fashion stylist - Jannica Stelander added a lovely collection of accessories and exclusive shoes, which became perfectly harmonize with the entire collection as a whole, giving it a complete sense.

And, of couse, played a major role Susu Holm. «I like working on stylised fashion shoots for fashion lookbooks, editorial spreads and fashion shows. It’s one of the most satisfying work for my craft, where creativity flows freely. Well, almost. Of course the client’s word is final, but I get to exchange creative ideas with art directors and very often create fresh work because of the synergy I have with the team. In this photoshoot the client wanted a timeless combination of elegance ,so firstly I made very fresh and pure

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